Welcome to the Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics Group

We are interested in the statistical mechanics of systems out of equilibrium. We aim to uncover fundamental principles and to gain qualitative insights. To this end we study mainly minimal models that capture universal aspects of the underlying physics and use a combination of numerical and analytical tools. More pictures...

We are part of the Statistical Physics and Soft Matter Theory group.

Collaborations and Funding

logo-trr146Sonderforschungsbereich SFB/TRR 146
Multiscale Simulation Methods for Soft Matter Systems

Carl Zeiss Center
Algorithmic Intelligence as an Emergent Phenomenon

logo-spp1726DFG Priority Program SPP 1726
Microswimmers - From Single Particle Motion to Collective Behavior

Research Grants

Past Initiatives

logo-mainzGraduate School of Excellence
MAterials science IN mainZ (MAINZ)

logo-cinemaCenter for
INnovative and Emerging MAterials (CINEMA)